SpaceGoat Token is a community-driven DeFi token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) backed by Proof of Stake technology, which essentially means that our tokens can’t be mined. We are completely environmentally friendly and fully decentralized. Our Tokenomics consist of a 10% fee per transaction, 4% of which is redistributed to existing holders. This encourages investors to hold and rewards the SpaceGoat community. A breakdown of our Tokenomics can be viewed here. Join our space expedition and earn interest by holding as you watch your balance grow exponentially!

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Current Price
SpaceGoat is officially listed on


  • 50% Public Sale Tokens that are used for the community supply, which traders are allowed to trade.
  • 20% Burn Wallet Tokens within this wallet are inaccessible and you can consider this wallet as a black hole. Tokens in the burn wallet are to be manually subtracted from the market cap. The reason for the burn wallet showing as a holder, is only due to automatic / continuous burns happening as per our Tokenomics.
  • 20% Manual Burn Holding Tokens within this wallet will be burnt when targets are met. 2.5% to be burnt when we achieve 5,000 holders, 2.5% to be burnt when we achieve 10,000 holders, 5% to be burnt when we achieve 25,000 holders, 5% to be burnt when we achieve 50,000 holders and the final 5% within this wallet will be burnt when we achieve 100,000 holders.
  • 6% Presale 80% of the funds collected from the presale amount will be sent to the LP, and 20% balance will be used to kick start the project for initial expenditures. Whatever tokens are not sold in the presale, will be manually sent to the burn wallet.
  • 2% Team Dedicated Team tokens will be locked for 6 months.
  • 1% Marketing / Exchange Wallet To kickstart the marketing for the project and listing on initial exchanges. Funds from this wallet will be gradually sold in order to continuously fund the marketing and exchange listing for the project.
  • 1% Technical Development Business development, administration, legal and operating fees.


  • 4% Holders Our automatic yield generation protocol enables our holders to benefit 4% off every transaction, which is distributed to all the wallets holding SpaceGoat Tokens.
  • 2% LP from every transaction will go towards the liquidity pool. This is to ensure that the LP continues to grow automatically.
  • 2% Burn from every transaction, will be sent to the burn wallet, therefore decreasing the total number of market supply which is beneficial for all our holders.
  • 1% Charity Wallet This wallet will be used to provide funds to the charities chosen by the community.
  • 1% Exchange / Marketing Wallet This wallet will be used to fund new exchange listings, as well as paying for marketing expenses. This enables the project to be self-sustainable and for the marketing to continue at all times.
Our Core Team
Meet the Mission Control Team
Our Flightpath
Journey to the Moon
    • Planning – An essential part of every successful project
    • Arrival of SpaceGoats on Earth, ready to recruit earthlings on board our mission to outer space.
    • Launch first version of the website
    • Creation of SpaceGoat Token to provide the people on Earth with their ticket onto our rocket, fueled and ready.
    • Launch of Social Media Pages, along with Telegram and Discord for the SpaceGoat’s to communicate.
    • Presale
    • Public Launch
    • Pancake Swap Listing
    • CoinGecko Listing
    • Nomics Listing
    • CoinMarketCap Listing (Pre-listed)
    • Unirocket Listing (Application complete)
    • Commence discussion with other exchanges
    • Marketing campaign – digital marketing and influencers on social media
    • Website Update – Community interaction – more details to be provided
    • Manual Burns (Target set)
    • Confirm a Third Party Audit to be conducted (Auditor confirmed)
    • CoinMarketCap Listing
    • Listing on several exchanges
    • Partnership
    • Merchandise launch
    • Charity drive
    • NFT’s
    • Interactive iOS and Android App + integrated SpaceGoat Wallet design
    • SpaceGoat card
    • UK / Ireland Office
    • Increase team members
    • Roadmap update
    • Marketing campaign – begin physical advertising
    • iOS and Android App
    • Implementations of NFT’s
    • South African based offices
    • US based offices
    • Increase team members
    • Coin tracker
    • Secure launch pad
    • Gaming
    • More to come

Get Involved

How to Trade SpaceGoat

  1. Download Trust Wallet from App Store / Google Play Store.
  2. Transfer BNB or BNB Smart Chain to your Trust Wallet.
  3. For iOS, enable DApps (Browser) in Trust Wallet. Open Safari and type in the URL: trust://browser_enable
  4. Go to PancakeSwap from the browser and connect your wallet.
  5. Change slippage to 11% – this is done by clicking the icon next to “Exchange”
  6. Select BNB and enter the amount under where it says “From”. (note, if you cannot see your BNB on PancakeSwap, you have either not connected your wallet, or you have not converted your BNB to Smart Chain. To convert regular BNB to Smart Chain, go back to Trust Wallet interface, click Dex, select BNB on top and Smart Chain on the bottom. Convert the quantity you require by clicking on Swap.
  7. You now need to have out contract address copied to be pasted where it says, “Select a currency”. Once pasted, click on “SpaceGoat”
  8. You will now see the amount of SpaceGoat tokens you will receive for the number of BNB’s inserted on top. Click “swap” and then “Confirm Swap”. (note – please view the amount below which indicates how many tokens you will receive after slippage).
  9. You can now close PancakeSwap and go back to your Trust Wallet. (note – if the number of tokens purchased have not automatically appeared on your wallet screen, you will have to manually enable. This is done by clicking on the icon on the top right, pasting the contract address, clicking on SpaceGoat, and clicking the enable button).
  1. Open Trust Wallet and click on PancakeSwap.
  2. In the “From” option, paste the SpaceGoat contract address.
  3. In the “To” option, select BNB.
  4. Click “Swap” and then “Confirm Swap”. Your SpaceGoat tokens will now be converted to BNB. Please keep slippage costs and tokenomics in mind when executing a trade.

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SpaceGoat Token official contract address is: